End Notes, References and Acknowledgments

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  Receiving the Word with meekness simply means that we receive it with gentleness and humility. (Greek: prautes, Strong’s Greek word # 4240.) There is no need to do it our own way. Rather, we shortcut directly to the way it’s supposed to be—receive the Word with an open spirit. James here refers to the engrafted word. The original Greek word for “engrafted” is enphuto means that when the Word is “blown or breathed into” or “engrafted and implanted into” the believer’s spirit and soul, where it germinates, grows and eventually bears fruit within the believer.
  Strong’s Greek word # 2842
  *The word “nature” is the word phusis (Strong’s Greek word # 5449,) which comes from the word phule (Strong’s Greek word # 5443.) When we study both these words, we see more clearly how to become like Christ. “Phusis” means growth (by germination or expansion), i.e. (by impl.) natural production (lineal descent); by extens. A genus or sort… The word “Phule” (which is the root word for Phusis) means an offshoot, i.e. race or clan:-kindred, tribe.
  Helps Word Studies, http://concordances.org/greek/3811.htm
  Yahweh, Jehovah and LORD are different transliterations of the Hebrew Name of God YHWH
  As a teenager I read the book “Say it, What you say is what you get” by Dr. Don Gossett. I am ever grateful that this book made its way into my hands. I contacted Dr. Gossett recently and thanked him for the book. We have had several great conversations over the phone since then. I am so blessed by his humble spirit and his strength in faith. I think he is in his 80’s and he still preaches five sermons a week over the radio. His books and messages are a great inspiration. For more information see www.dongossett.com
  “Grown along with (connate, closely united to…)” “Connate” means” being in close accord…” This word “sumphotos” is translated as” identified” in Romans 6:5, and is also translated as “united with”, “identified with”, and “one with” Him.
  Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible, Page 204, Column 4, Note C.
  A disciple is not only a learner, but the original Bible word mathetes means an apprentice (Strong’s Greek word 3101.) An apprentice is someone who learns a trade, and in the Christian sense, a disciple of Jesus is one who learns from Jesus so that he may become like Him.
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  When Paul said all things are lawful, he did not teach that all sin is permissible as some teach. This would contradict his strong stance throughout his epistles against sin, such as in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. He was merely showing that food sacrificed to idols have no effect on a Christian. They may eat what they will. However, it is not expedient to do so, since it may offend an unenlightened onlooker, as he explains in 1 Corinthians 10:27-33.)
  Nicky van der Westhuizen Sr. 

Scripture References:

Most Bible references are taken from the King James Version of the Bible, abbreviated as KJV. The author has also utilized other versions of the Bible, annotated in alphabetical order as follows:
AMP: Amplified Version, BBE: Bible in Basic English, DBY: Darby Translation, ESV: English Standard Version, GWT: God’s Word Translation, GT: Goodspeed Translation, ISV: International Standard Version, KJV: King James Version, NASB: New American Standard Version, NIV: New International Version, NKJV: New King James Version, NLT: New Living Translation, NRSV: New Revised Standard Version, WNT: Weymouth New Testament. Emphases by italics or underlined text are that of the author’s.


    Space encumbers me from recognizing everyone that has greatly blessed my life, but I do want to gratefully acknowledge the following:
    First and foremost, my dear wife Heidi – my greatest friend and support – and you gave me the most awesome kids – Anthony, Rebekah, Timothy and Trey.
    My parents – Tony & Elaine Hitchcock, for allowing me to spread my wings and fly.  Though we are separated by an ocean, I hold you in my heart and love you and my siblings dearly. 
    Ron & Linda Souder – you are the greatest in-laws – I love your daughter and your support has always been the greatest encouragement to us.
    John Hitchcock - not only as my uncle, but also as one of the greatest anointed preachers and God-lovers I’ve known.
    Reinhard Bonnke - you inspired me to be bold in faith, defy any limits and win the lost en masse.  I cherish our many personal conversations on three continents, and when you gave me a chance to address a half million people in person in your Gospel campaign, it did something in me.
    Rodney Howard-Browne – for your love for the Holy Spirit and people, and for your passion for evangelism, revival and a great awakening.
    Nicky van der Westhuizen Sr – his anointing and boldness of faith for healing miracles inspired me greatly.   
    TL Osborn – the great grandfather of massive miracle campaigns:  our discussion on Christ in us was a great blessing.  Oral Roberts – who looked deep into my eyes and told me that it is possible to develop the personality of Jesus and become like Him in every way; RW Schambach - I cherish the time he spent with me when I preached at his church; and Don Gossett – not only did your book on the power of confessing God’s Word impact me when I was a teenager, but I consider our friendship and telephone conversations an honor.
    My other fellow evangelist friends:  Mark Swiger, Michael Morelli, Daniel King, Daniel Kolenda, Mike Francen, Annanias Ralekholela and Eric Cowley – I continue to be inspired by your efforts in evangelism.
    My pastor friends – I cannot mention you all by name, but your sacrifice, passion and love for God and the ministry is amiable.
    Charles Finney, Andrew Murray, William J Seymour, John G Lake and Smith Wigglesworth – who all died before I was born, but whose example and legacy have greatly inspired me.
    Berea Theological College, and former faculty member Rev. Pieter van Niekerk who read through and discussed my manuscript with me, which have been insightful and invaluable.  
    My supporters – for believing in me – It’s with your support that we have been able to pull off some big things.
     Special thanks to Susan Robinson, for your many hours fine combing and correcting my grammar throughout this book.  Also thank you to Tom Heinlein, who blessed me with $1,200.00 for the initial printing of this book shortly before he went to be with Jesus.

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